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This site allows you to access the Riverside Superior Court case information. Information available on this site is limited to what the California Rules of Court, rules 2.501(b), 2.503(b), and 2.503(c) allow.

The creation of an online account is required to access this site.

Information available:

Index: You may search the index for cases by a person or organization's name. Searching the index is the same as running a name search for which a fee is charged.

Register of Actions: The Register of Actions is a list of documents filed within each case, the date filed and which party filed it. You must have a case number in order to search in the Register of Actions.

Calendar: You can look up current and future calendar dates up to 6 days. This information includes time of the hearing, the type of hearing, and which department the hearing will be scheduled in.

Probate Notes: You must have a case number in order to search Probate Notes. Probate Notes are last updated in the evening three business days prior to the scheduled hearing to reflect documents filed at least four court days prior to the hearing. Any additional documents/responses filed after that timeframe will not be included.

Case Number Search

Case Number searches are free with the required information. The search will return the case number, and when selected, display the register of actions for that case. This would include Probate Notes for past and future hearings.

Name Search ($)

A fee will be charged for all Searches by Name. A Search by Name returns a list of case numbers and filing dates matching the party name entered. The register of actions will be displayed when a case number is selected.

The name search fees are:

$1.00 for one name search credit
$3.50 for 5 name search credits
$5.00 for 10 name search credits
$25.00 for 75 name search credits
$250.00 per 30 days for unlimited name search credits (this period is based on 30 consecutive days, not a 1-month timeframe)

Once you have located a name, you may view up to 10 cases for that name before you are required to do another name search.


View calendars for the current day and future calendar dates up to 6 days.

Request for Certified Copies

A request for certified copies (Family Law or Probate) can be made by filling out Local Form RI-MC011 and submitting it online through eSubmit. Alternatively, you may deliver the form to the proper courthouse where the case is being heard through the U.S. Mail or a drop box location(s) with a check or money order in the appropriate amount together with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

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If any issues arise when trying to create an online account, please select the Contact Us link under Additional Information for assistance.

Sensitive Information
Please be advised some online case information may be restricted pursuant to governing statute(s) and/or rules of court. Additionally, confidential and sealed case information will not be accessible online. Please contact your local court branch if you need additional information.
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